Gulf Islamic Fund

The drop in NAV value is due mosttly to the half-yearly semi-annual 5% of par cash dividend that has been discontinued on 2nd July 2009 NAV. (i.e. the previous NAV was of $6.5286 and the cash dividend account  for $0.5 of the decline in NAV, whereas decline in market value of current asset only dropped by $0.0217 per unit).


Investment Objective:

Capital appreciation achieved through investments in securities listed or to be listed in te GCC Equity Markets (Stock Exchanges) directly, through sub-funds and/or Sub Managers, taking into consideration the Islamic Sharia's procedures.


Investment Programs:

• To be carried our by the Investment Manager

and third party funds if appropriate.

• Top-down and bottoms up approach relying

on research based fundamentals.


Investment Opportunities:

• Portfolio diversification within Sharia's

provisions through regional allocation.

• Value added through country and sector.


Inception Date:
Jan 2008
US Dollar
NAV Date:
16 May 2013
Week's Performance:
NAV per share:
US$ 6.8720