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The mission of the Research Division at GIC is to provide internal and external research and support products and services that vary in frequency, depth and coverage. These products and
services ensure diversity of perspectives, methodologies, assessments and opinions, analytical rigor and utilized frequency and sources of data utilized. In providing its products and services, the team of researchers at the Economics Division seeks to contribute to the bottom line and support business functions of GIC, its constituent divisions, departments, and in-house experts and
talent set.

The Research Division produces periodic and occasional or as-the-need arises compendium of research output and reports. These reports and products feed into the functions of sister divisions and compliment the capabilities of sister divisions and elevate the overall awareness of GIC staff and colleagues of unfolding and emerging developments at the international and regional landscapes. These include, but are not restricted to, weekly Economic & Financial reports that contain the latest developments in the yield curve, growth forecast, interest and inflation rates. Commodity prices and regional economic developments at the overall, sectoral and activity levels.

The GIC Research Division produces a menu of research products that vary in frequency, length, depth and readership that the Division cater to and targets.