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GIC invests in a diversified portfolio of GCC stocks and bonds as well as GCC-focused and GCC-domicile funds. These investments are intended to provide compelling capital gains and income as well as helping to develop the GCC’s capital markets.


GCC Equity Markets are dynamic in nature and necessitate a dynamic approach to achieve superior returns. The investment process followed at GIC Equity Division is an insight-driven and disciplined one with a premium given to investment sensibility and emphasis on risk management. Our investment strategies, at GIC Equity Division,


Generate revenues through positive total return oriented performance of a fixed income portfolio invested primarily in GCC bonds. Promote and support the development of the local capital market. We aim to be recognized as one of the leading fixed income investor within the GCC region in terms of quality of the investment process, know-how of the team members, portfolio performance,


Aims to grow GIC’s proprietary assets by investing in various investment strategies provided by external 3rd party managers, and is responsible for selecting, supervising, and monitoring external managers investing in the following asset classes.


The Treasury division of GIC is responsible for the management of the corporation’s liquidity, interest rate exposure and foreign exchange activity. It is responsible for Asset and Liability Management for the corporation and for the risk management strategies necessary to manage GIC’s investment activities. In addition, Treasury provides a professional and competitive advisory and execution