Our operations are managed through our highly qualified team.

Mr. Ibrahim Ali AlQadhi
Mr. Ibrahim Ali AlQadhi
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Meshary Al-Judaimi
Mr. Meshary Al-Judaimi
Group Head of Principal Investment

Mr. Talal Al-Tawari
Mr. Talal Al-Tawari
Group Head of Global Markets

Mr. Hani Al-Shakhs
Mr. Hani Al-Shakhs
Group Head of Support


Mr. Talal Al-Tawari
Acting Head of GCC Equities Div.
Mr. Osama Al-Musallam
Head of Treasury Div.

Mr. Raffaele Bertoni
Head of Debt Capital Markets Div.
Mr.Hani Al-Jazzaf
Head of Managed funds Div.


Mr. Fadi Twainy
Head of Light Industry Projects Div.
Mr. Fahad Al-Nusef
Head of Financial Services & Utilities Div.
Mr. Faisal Al-Roomi
Head of Manufacturing Projects Div.
Mr. Mohammad Al-Fares
Head of Diversified Projects Div.
Mr. Meshari Al-Bader
Head of Principal Investment Analytics Div.


Mr. Talal Al-Zamami
Head of Operations Div.
Mr. Mohamed Al-Jallal
Head of Human Resources Div.
Mr. Amer Al-Dakhail
Head of Information Technology Div.
Mr. Qais Al-Shatti
Head of Public Relations Dept.


Maryam AlKooheji
Secretary to the BOD
Dr. Yagoub Alabdullah
Acting Head of Risk Management Div.
Mr. Hazem El-Rafie
Head of Finance Div.
Dr. Khaled Bukhamseen
Head of Internal Audit Div.
Dr. Mohammad Al-Omar
Head of Research Div.
Dr. Faisal Al-Fahad
Acting Head of Legal & Compliance Div.