Our operations are managed through our highly qualified team.

Mr. Ibrahim Ali AlQadhi
Mr. Ibrahim Ali AlQadhi
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Meshary M. Al-Judaimi
Mr. Meshary M. Al-Judaimi
Group Head of Principal Investment

Mr. Talal Al-Tawari
Mr. Talal Al-Tawari
Group Head of Global Markets

Mr. Hani Al-Shakhs
Mr. Hani Al-Shakhs
Group Head of Support


Mr. Talal Al-Tawari
Acting Head of GCC Equities Div.
Mr. Osama Al-Musallam
Head of Treasury Div.
Acting Head of Managed Funds Div.
Mr. Raffaele Bertoni
Head of Debt Capital Markets Div.


Mr. Fadi Twainy
Head of Light Industry Projects Div.
Mr. Fahad Al-Nusef
Acting Head of Financial Services & Utilities Div.
Mr. Faisal Al-Roomi
Head of Manufacturing Projects Div.
Mr. Mohammad Al-Fares
Head of Diversified Projects Div.
Mr. Meshari Al-Bader
Head of Principal Investment Analytics Div.


Mr. Talal Al-Zamami
Head of Operations Div.
Mr. Mohamed Al-Jallal
Head of Human Resources Div.
Mr. Amer Al-Dakhail
Head of Information Technology Div.
Mr. Qais Al-Shatti
Head of Public Relations Dept.


Mr. Fahad Al-Abdulkader
Head of BOD Secretariat Div.
Mr. Pervaz Akthar
Head of Risk Management Div.
Mr. Hazem El-Rafie
Head of Finance Div.
Dr. Khaled Bukhamseen
Head of Internal Audit Div.
Dr. Mohamed Elliwa
Head of Legal & Compliance Div.
Dr. Mohammad Al-Omar
Head of Research Div.