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GCC Equity Markets are dynamic in nature and necessitate a dynamic approach to achieve superior returns. The investment process followed at GIC Equity Division is an insight-driven and disciplined one with a premium given to investment sensibility and emphasis on risk management. Our investment strategies, at GIC Equity Division, are governed by “Three Pillars” which give us the edge and authority in the GCC Capital markets:


which give us the edge and authtority in the GCC capital markets:

1. Through understanding of the increasingly complex Global economic and financial factors at play;

2. Systematic approach to investing combined with a quantitatively and qualitatively disciplined approach;

3. Continuous investment innovation and process improvements to maintain consistent exceptional performance.

In our approach to investing, we strive to possess a deep understanding of how capital markets process new information and then set prices for the different securities. This is done by marrying our macroeconomic and financial outlook with our quantitatively-driven valuation methodologies.

Our stock selection process is systematic and relies heavily on quantitative rules that help us filter stocks based on a myriad of fundamental factors. Our proprietary investment ideas are then implemented across many stocks to capture mispricing opportunities that may be under researched or ignored by other market participants. The portfolio construction process is detailed, quantitatively driven, and enforced by the latest research methodologies on the topic. Our state-of-the-art systems and technology ensures efficient and timely use of information Incorporation of corporate governance signals and ability to tailor to work requirements.